Sunglasses are a great style accessory but investing in a quality pair is also integral to the health of your eyes. UV light from the sun can have a damaging effect upon our eyes, as it does upon our skin.

As sunglasses play a vital role in protecting us from UV rays, it is important to choose a pair which offers 100% UV blockage. At Goatman & Batham, we only stock sunglasses that carry the CE kite mark – your guarantee that they filter out UV rays.

We stock a wide range of high quality sunglass frames ready to purchase. Most of our frames can also be glazed to your prescription with single vision, bi-focal, and varifocal lenses. You can also choose from tinted, graduated, mirrored or polarised lenses.

Browse and try our frames in store, enjoy our expert assistance and be assured that we’ll fit and glaze your sunglasses to suit you.

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