Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses accord to a single prescription, correcting your vision for short or far-sightedness.

We offer a comprehensive range of single vision lenses including clear, transitions and tinted lenses for sunglasses. We can also provide high index lens materials for high prescriptions, reducing weight and thickness while enhancing cosmetic appearance. All our single vision lenses are produced with the highest quality coatings to provide your eyes with daily protection from UV rays.

Crizal UV Lenses

Crizal UV lenses are technologically advanced spectacle lenses scientifically proven to break down the annoying barriers which prevent spectacle wearers from having consistently clear vision.

Crizal lenses can offer you even more benefits than anti-reflective lenses as they include premium resistance against scratches, complete protection from UV light, smudges and dust and unique water repellence.

Importantly, all Crizal UV lenses virtually eliminate UV reflections to provide total protection from UV light. They even eradicate reflections from the rear surface of the lens, without any compromise on lens transparency.

E-SPF, a new index developed by Essilor, certifies the level of UV protection given by a lens. The protection of the Crizal UV lens is off the scale of existing labels as it integrates UV protection in both sides of a lens for the first time.

To choose Crizal UV lenses is to choose the best protection for your eyes.
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