Overlay Testing

At Goatman & Batham, we are always expanding our services into new areas, aiming to improve vision quality and eye health for all.

We recommend Overlay testing for people who may have reading difficulties or visual discomfort as a result of Dyslexia or other conditions.

Some children and adults experience visual/perceptual distortion when reading a page of print. The letters may appear to move, or to blur, and the white paper may glare and cause eyestrain or headaches. The resulting perceptual distortion and visual discomfort may interfere with reading.

This distortion can sometimes be reduced or eliminated by placing coloured overlays over the page. The appropriate colour varies from person to person and to obtain the best effect, the colour has to be chosen with care and precision. Sometimes, the colour gives an improvement in reading fluency and helps a person to read for longer without eyestrain.

Overlay testing could make a welcome improvement to your sight and eye comfort. We have facilities to determine if an overlay might be helpful and can determine the best colour for you.