Dry Eye Clinic

Dry or Watery Eye Syndrome is a condition that requires care and analysis. To help manage your treatment, improve your comfort and advise on the best course of action, we offer Dry Eye clinical assessments.

What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome occurs when the eyes do not produce enough tears, or if the tears that are produced evaporate too quickly. The syndrome can be caused by the oil (Meibomian) glands becoming blocked or abnormal which then leads to the eyes drying out, becoming inflamed and feeling irritated.

If the main problem is a blockage of the oil-secreting glands, then the condition is called Blepharitis, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or Lid Margin Disease.

The symptoms of dry eye syndrome can be mild or severe.
They include:

  • dry or sore eyes
  • blurred vision
  • the feeling of something in your eye
  • burning
  • watering