Children’s Eye Examinations

Our opticians take a comforting and careful approach to children’s eye examinations. We use a range of paediatric testing methods, including ‘objective testing’ which allows us to assess the health, prescription and muscle status of an eye without needing to question the patient. Children can feel happy and at ease having their eyes examined while we can obtain a very accurate evaluation of their vision and eye health.

We recommend a routine check prior to starting school and at any age if concerns are raised. Children aged 18 or under are entitled to an NHS eye examination.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new piece of equipment. The plusoptiX Hand Held Pediatric Autorefractor is specially designed for infants and children. From a distance of ONE METER and in just ONE SECOND or less, a measurement of both eyes is taken simultaneously and provides reliable & accurate measurement values of prescription, pupil diameter and inter-pupillary distance.